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Welcome to Sash Window Repairs Jersey

Where we restore and refurbish your treasured windows and doors on a like for like basis.

Restoring your sash windows preserves your property’s unique character, and is also more cost-effective than total replacement. We ensure longer service life, improved airtight sealing, and a notable reduction in exterior noise.

Our service begins with diagnosing your sashes. Whether they’ve been over-painted, suffer from snapped sash cords, or fallen weights, we can address these common issues. If left unresolved, these symptoms can lead to rattling, heat loss, and unwelcome cold draughts.

At Sash Window Repairs Jersey, our comprehensive service includes removing and inspecting sashes and weights. Sashes that are not structurally sound are relocated to our workshop for specialised repair. Pulleys are refurbished where possible, or replaced where necessary.

We then balance your sashes and weights, re-string them using reinforced, waxed sash cord, and fit a draught-proofing system. This results in smooth & light operation, reduced rattling and draught, and better sound insulation. We also offer Brighton fasteners for secure sash locking.
In terms of glazing and re-puttying, we address issues such as cracked glass or crumbling putty. The sashes are relocated to our workshop for glass replacement and re-puttying, often same-day. We always match like-for-like, especially for listed buildings where restoration glass is used.

Your sash frames are just as important to keep aligned, sounds and protected. We refurbish complete frames, too — retaining as much original character as possible, removing any rotten timber segments — then scarfing-in new hardwood, smoothing, treating, and repainting.

At Sash Window Repairs Jersey, we blend tradition with efficiency, providing seamless, enduring solutions. Ready to reinvigorate your property? Reach out for a consultation.

We’re ready to guide you through our complete repair and restoration process. Start your journey towards perfect sash window repairs, by contacting us today.

Reduce heat-loss

Stop rattling & reduce draughts

Improve soundproofing

Reduce heat-loss

Stop rattling & reduce draughts

Improve soundproofing

Servicing & Draught Proofing

In some cases the sashes have simply been painted over too many times and
need to be freed to enable them to move up and down fully and close securely. Sometimes sash cords have snapped or weights have fallen off and this can be the reason the sashes are not operating.

Other common problems are the sashes are rattling and letting out valuable heat and letting a cold draught into the home. Sound from outside on busy roads can also be a problem – Servicing needs to be carried out.
A service consists of removing beads, sashes and weights from the frame into the room of location of window. Sashes are then inspected to see if structurally sound and if not are relocated to a workshop for repair. Pulleys are also inspected and if needed then new ones are fitted.
Once repaired the sashes and sash weights are weighed to make sure the balance is correct. Sometimes extra lead add on weights are required to improve balance.
Weights and sashes are re strung using a reinforced waxed sash cord and a
draught proofing system is fitted.
Your sashes will now open and close effortlessly with no rattling, less draught and they will be more sound proof. New Brighton fasteners are available to ensure sashes lock securely.

Framework Restoration

Restoration and refurbishment of windows and doors on a like for like basis is preferable to costly replacement. This will maintain the character and historic fabric of a property. When carefully overhauled and draught proofed they can last indefinitely and reduce noise and air infiltration and compares well with alternative products like plastic and aluminium.

Glazing & Re-Puttying

On some sashes some panes of glass maybe cracked or broken. Also the puttying is so old it has been cracked or simply fallen out. In these circumstances the sashes are relocated to a workshop where the glass is removed and replaced and re puttied.
On all jobs we replace like for like so on a listed building perhaps restoration glass would be used. The process is longer when glazing and puttying is replaced and that’s because putty has to wait two to three weeks to go off before it can be painted. In this time customers windows are boarded and an option of temporary glass can be fitted above the board to ensure customers still have natural light in the home.

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